Camp Options

Half Day:
This program is open to players of all ages. It is highly recommended for 4 & 5 year olds as they have a tough time making it through the full day.  Each day in this program you will receive technical skill development, play small sided games, and scrimmage.  Players will be grouped according to their age (and can be mixed in with full day players) and skill. Kids should bring water and snacks as we will be taking breaks throughout the session.

Half Day Camper's Agenda:
9:00–9:20Line Up, Events
9:20–9:45Warm Up/Juggling
9:40–9:45Water break
9:50–10:30Individual Skill Development
10:30–10:45Snack Break
10:45–11:15 Small-Sided Games
11:15–11:20Water Break
11:20–11:50Scrimmage/Finishing Games to Goal
11:50–12:00Player Recognition/Prep to leave

Full Day:
This camp is recommended for players 6-17 years of age. In this camp we will break down individual and team skills. Each day we will reinforce what was taught on the previous days of camp, while adding new concepts. Throughout the week we will look to teach and reinforce the use of 4-5 different moves, and double moves, to be applied during scrimmages. Each day there is a theme, and throughout the week we look to review the theme of the previous day(s) and then build in new concepts. The camp will consist of individual and team concepts and scrimmages, with an hour break for lunch. We will take water/snack breaks as needed. We will challenge and improve your game no matter what your skill level.

Full Day Camper's Agenda:
9:00–9:20Line Up, Events
9:20–9:45Warm Up/Juggling
9:40–9:45Water break
9:50–10:30Individual Skill Development
10:30–10:45Snack Break
10:45–11:15 Small-Sided Games
11:15–11:20Water Break
11:20–11:50Scrimmage/Finishing Games to Goal
11:50–12:00Camp Recap
12:00–1:00Lunch/Free Time to play on the field
1:00–1:50Small Sided Games/Finishing Games (Tactical Development)
1:50–1:55Water Break
1:55–2:50Scrimmage (Tactical Development)
2:50–3:00Player Recognition/Prep to leave

Specialty Camps

All Girls Academy...

Inspired by my wife, Kelly, the four weeks we run this program will be set up where our female staff members are coaching our girls soccer players.

All Boys Academy...

In the four weeks we run this session, it will be set up where our male staff members are coaching our boys soccer players.

Goalkeeper Academy...

This area will be taught by experienced goalkeepers and coaches. As a former professional goalkeeper and college goalkeeper coach I will bring a high level of training to this part of the camp. We will work on all aspects of the game including proper standing and diving techniques, one-on-one’s, footwork, crosses, field vision, commanding a defense, and reading the game.

Team Camps...

An excellent program where your team is getting 15-30 hours of intensive training, the equivalent of 3-6 weeks of training in one-week. We work on individual attacking and defending skills, and many team concepts including- Possession Style Soccer, Building Possession from the Back, Systems of Play, Situational Play, Numbers Up Attacking and Defending Concepts, Attacking from the Backline, Creating in the Attacking Third, Attacking from the Flanks, Team Building (Psychological) Exercises, and Set Pieces. Working with your teammates in this type of environment will improve both your individual and team level of play. We work with your coach to develop the program. This is a great camp experience that we highly recommend.

Number of Teammates Needed to qualify:
U12 or younger teams- 7 players
U13 or older teams- 10 players

Advanced Competitive Player Academy...

Working with high-level coaches, you will be put through the rigors of a college-like training session. This will be an intense high-end soccer regime that will challenge your Fitness, 1st touch, Skills, Speed of Play, Decision Making, and Knowledge of the Game. It is open to high-level soccer players, between the ages of 10-17

High School Player Academy...

This camp is for those going into 8th grade through 12th grade only. It will be run like a college training camp with college coaches and players putting you through the paces of each session. The sessions will be very intense with an emphasis on Fitness, 1st Touch, Individual Skills, Positional Play and Team Concepts. It is a camp only offered once during the summer, and if you are a high school player this is a great camp for you to attend.

Special Events

Picture Day: Tuesday Morning. At the beginning of camp (9:00) we will line the players up for a Camp Picture. This will be handed out to all players during the Awards Ceremony on Friday.

Crazy Shirt Wednesday: Wednesday Morning. (Optional) Soccer camp is about development but also about having a fun, memorable experience. This Wednesday event is a great tradition of the program that the kids love. Come to camp in your craziest shirt (some wear their crazy hats as well) and compete with others. We see some very creative looks each year, and everyone gets a prize.

Trivia Thursday: (Optional) This great game has a rich history. We will ask players questions about the game to challenge their knowledge, and they can also try to stump the staff. Prizes are awarded.

Pizza Friday: (Optional) On Friday we will offer pizza lunch that includes two slices of a pizza (your choice), and a drink. The cost of this is $6, and it is optional, but available to everyone including to half day campers.

Included Soccer Apparel

Each player will receive the following:

  • Adidas Soccer ball
  • Gino’s Soccer Academy T-Shirt
  • Adidas Soccer Shorts
  • Adidas Soccer Socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Player Evaluation
  • Camp Photo